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Call Us: 414.543.4443

Online Store Management

Online Store Management for Clubs and Organizations

Our ecommerce online store management solutions do everything for you.

Picture of Greenfield High School Sweatshirt for article on online store management for clubs, teams, work forces, and other organizations.

Online store management for clubs, teams, work forces, and other organizations. All part of our service.  

We take all the work out of selling, collecting money, and organizing group orders.  Not only do we help in deciding which products will work best for you, we also create all the images, with your logos, and then make the entire store for you.

EASY is the name of the game here.

  • Nice and Clean Site
  • Timed Shopping Cart
  • No Collecting Money
  • No Collecting Orders
  • Easy Selling
  • Easy Fulfillment


Let’s face it, fundraising is time consuming.  Free Style Graphics takes all the work out of selling goods for your organization.  We assist in product selection and design a store with price markups that you set.

Milwaukee Promotional Products include Online Store Management

We’re proud to serve those who serve us. And we’d be happy to serve you.

All you have to do is let everyone know where to buy and collect a check from us when the goods are delivered.

  • Easy Setup
  • Profitable Sales
  • Customizeable Individual Orders
  • Save Time
  • Folks are more comfortable entering sizes at a site
  • No Hassles

We can do official uniforms, personalized embroidering of names, screen printing, and promotional items.  You can offer a smorgasbord of items, giving your members a choice.  The possibilities are limitless.  Simply contact us and we’ll help you set up an easy, hassle-free program to meet your needs.